Our Mission


Logo-3-FinalFor better or worse, we learn our patterns of intimacy, core values, personal expectations and even our emotional reactions to certain events and circumstances—troublesome or otherwise—from relationships with our immediate and extended family. Without the necessary motivation to change, we are destined to repeat these unwanted internalized patterns of relating to others and we become stuck in a vicious cycle of always trying to ‘get rid’ of emotions, feelings or thoughts instead of facing them and trying to reach a deeper understanding of our behaviors.  As a result,  we find that we are not always able to cope with difficult experiences as well as we used to.

What if there was a way to relate differently to your emotions or feelings? At the Marriage and Family Therapy Center we want to help people understand their best potential and sometimes that means being willing to adopt a new perspective on how you relate to your feelings or thoughts. If you are feeling stuck, reach out and let’s get to work.

At the Marriage and Family Therapy Center we can help you become more keenly aware of past influences and work with you to help shift these patterns into more productive and useful ways for you to interact with the world around you, including your most important relationships.

Psychotherapy can help not only those experiencing difficulty with coping through life but also as a preventative measure for individuals going through transitions or changes. If you’re struggling in your current relationship, are trying to find more effective ways to connect and communicate, or simply want to move past whatever is preventing you from living a genuine life that is more full of what you desire, call 913-353-4660 or email us at marriageandfamilytherapycenter@gmail.com.