Can Our Relationship Be Saved?


There’s so much pain…how can therapy help?

Maybe you are coping with an infidelity and do not know if you can trust your partner again. Or maybe you feel lonely and frustrated even though you are in a long-term, committed relationship. Therapy can help with rebuilding trust in your relationship, improving on your communication problems, and regaining intimacy in your lives.

When faced with a loss of trust caused by an infidelity, anger,
sadness, and resentment it can be difficult to move forward in a
relationship. On the other hand, avoiding taking responsibility, and not
knowing how to comfort your loved one can create even a bigger
division. Relationship counseling can identify the primary issues that break down your communication, and will help you work, with some simple strategies, to overcoming these issues. You and your partner will identify roles that you play in your family and work together to change these roles to make them more positive for your relationship, rather than the catalyst to a problem.

Relationship counseling can also help you to work toward understand intimacy and the problems that prevent you from feeling connected to to your partner. Whether this has to do with your sex life, or has more to do with you lacking a feeling of closeness, through couples therapy you will identify and create approaches to these obstacles, which will help you take small steps toward regaining the intimate life you once had with each other.

People are often unsure of when they should participate in couples
therapy. The truth is that many often wait too long. Many times by the
point at which a couple considers participation in counseling or
therapy, both parties are so frustrated and tired with their current
situation, they are wanting to throw in the towel. You do not have to
wait this long to take action. No matter if your relationship is in
extreme turmoil, or you are lacking general contentment in your
relationship, counseling and therapy can help. For more information, call 913-353-4660.