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Personalized Services Every client is different. That’s why taking an individual approach to creating each counseling session is so important. After the initial assessment, a customized program is developed to help clients in identifying unique strengths, learning new coping skills, and developing healthier perspectives on life. Personalized care and attention is important in establishing trust within a counseling relationship. If you are searching for an individualized counseling experience with a therapist who takes the time to get to know and genuinely care about you and your unique situation, call today.
A Safe Environment We’re here to make things easier, not harder. Clients are capable, competent individuals who have sought therapy because life’s circumstances have challenged their current ways of coping. The work you will do will be in an atmosphere of complete trust, support and encouragement.
A Network of Specialists When appropriate, referrals to highly qualified specialists in the Kansas City area and beyond will be suggested to help provide coordinated and comprehensive care. These include community physicians, nutritionists, educators and other helping professionals who we feel should be a part of the treatment process.
Ongoing Support In addition to regular office hours, Saturday morning appointments are available and can be scheduled by email as well as by phone.
Have A Question? Just Ask. If you have any questions about services, please call 913-353-4660 for additional information or send an email to: marriageandfamilytherapycenter@gmail.com.


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